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Dan-Griffin - Bordertown EP

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Bordertown EP released August 27, 2013.

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Dan Griffin © 2013 SOCAN.

All instruments played by Dan Griffin except:
Drums on “Bordertown” performed and recorded by Howie Beck.
Bass, guitar and additional vocals on “Follow Me” performed and recorded by Morgan Waters.
Additional mixing consultation on “Bordertown” by Howie Beck.

Mastered by Noah Mintz at the Laquer Channel.

Art direction by Dan Griffin and Kaleigh Tait.
Web site designed by Kaleigh Tait.
Album cover photo by Dave Todon.
Additional web photography by Nadia Tan and Maya Bankovic.

Mom, Dad, Dave, the Goodmans & the Griffins. Kaleigh Tait. Maya Bankovic. Nadia Tan. Dave Todon. Morgan Waters. Adam Countryman
William “Skinny” Tenn. Dominique Sirsly. Rich Brisson. Noah Mintz. Andrew Cowan. Nick Rose. Howie Beck. Hayden and Sherwin Desser. The Regrets (Aaron Goldstein, Mike Atcheson, Rich Knox, Adam Melnick). The City of Windsor.




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All Songs written by Dan Griffin ©2011 SOCAN except “Credit Valley” written by Dan Griffin and Nick Rose.
Produced by Howie Beck and Dan Griffin except tracks 9,5,7 Produced by Dan Griffin.

All songs mixed and engineered by Howie Beck at 4 Walls Studios except:
track 5 mixed and engineered by Tim Oxford.
tracks 9,7 mixed and engineered by Dan Griffin.
track 6 engineered by Dan Griffin and Howie Beck.
Additional engineering by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Studios (tracks 3, 4, 6, 10).
Lorne Hounsel at Central Audio (track 2).
Hayden Desser at Skycraper National Park (track 2,6,8).

Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.

All instruments played by Dan Griffin except:
Howie Beck played drums/percussion on tracks 6,3,2,4,8,10, bass on tracks 8,2,6,3,4 and backup vocals on tracks 3,6.
Mike Griffin played violin on track 9.
Nick Rose played violin on track 2 and acoustic guitar on track 5.
Aaron Goldstein played pedal steel on tracks 6,5.

Art direction by Dan Griffin and Kaleigh Tait.
Web Design and Photography by Kaleigh Tait.
Cover photo courtesy of the Goodman family.

Howie Beck. Mom (Marilyn), Dad (Michael) and David. The Goodmans. The Griffins. Max Kerman. Tim Oxford. Nick Dika. Mike DeAngelis. Kaleigh Tait. Hayden Desser. Nick Rose. Rich Knox. Aaron Goldstein. Mike Atcheson. Adam Melnick. Mike Lindberg. Dee Macleod. Janesta Boudreau. Chris Smith. the Sokolowskis. the Cohens. Michael Murray. Ontario Arts Council

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thanks to my family and friends, without whom
none of this would be possible or worth while.



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